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E-Mail: info@jhlubbocklodging.com
If you are looking for a lodging experience that is similar to a bed
and breakfast in the Lubbock,TX area, but you would rather the
funds you contribute be used in support o
ur mission efforts in
Guatemala, Jackson House is the place for you!!

Renee Houser is an accomplished homemaker, mother
of six grown children, lover of anything made of cloth
(and John), quilter, and fashions custom clothing when
she has the time. She has an extensive background in
Bible studies and is also an ordained minister. Renee
has six children and eight grandchildren.

John Houser is a former military fighter pilot and    
United Air Lines B-767 captain. He also has an
extensive background in business and financial
services and is an ordained minister. He has three
grown children from a former marriage which ended
with the death of his first wife to cancer.
About Our Business
Our intent is to bring hospitality in
lodging (that is usually found only in
Latin America) to this country in a
way that honors God. Whether you
are a Christian, searching for God, or
just in search of a hospitable place to
spend some time in the Lubbock, TX
area, this is the place for you.
The People of La Paloma Ministries and the Jackson House